more than 2000 types of filtration

filter cartridge nederman polyester
rigid pocket filter 4 v-cell
hepa filter cartridge for vacuum cleaner
filtro planare per depolverazione trumpf
cartuccia filtrante per il turbogas
liquid filter in polypropylene
cartuccia ovale tipo Donaldson - oval filter element
air filter for dust collectors sandblusting
air filter element for gas turbine F7
cartuccia filtrante in fibra di vetro - glass fiber filter cartridge
filter cartridge with 3 hooks
cartucce filtranti per piscine
filter element silotop wam

Filtration solutions

In the workplace, our filter products improve people's health and help keep environments clean of contaminants, dust and molecular gases.

Our filters protect industrial processes, increase productivity and safeguard the environment.

In the healthcare sector, our filtration systems are used to eliminate airborne infectious contaminants in compliance with regulations.

In ventilation and air conditioning systems, our products improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality in urban environments, industrial applications and clean rooms.

We produce filter elements for machines and systems for domestic and industrial cleaning of L - M - H efficiency.

In the energy sector, our products are used in filtration and soundproofing systems for turbomachinery, gas turbines, generators, industrial air compressors.

In liquid filtration, our filters are used in process filtration, in water treatment for civil and industrial uses.

For over 40 years we have been manufacturing filtration systems that help purify the air, water and improve the quality of industrial processes


Discover our available solutions for air treatment and filtration, used for civil and industrial applications

Liquids and Gas

Discover our range for  liquid filtration, water purification and gas filters, developed  from solid and molecular substances.

We propose the best solution for dedusting, air treatment and for filtering liquids in numerous technical and industrial uses.